Blogger Ammon Cunningham and The Great Salt Lake

May 25, 2017
The talented blogger and happy tourist Ammon Cunningham loves his home state of Utah, not just because it is his home, but also because the state is underrated as a location for magnificent travel destinations. One of his favorite Utah destinations just happens to be The Great Salt Lake.

Located adjacent to the state capital, Salt Lake City, the lake is very well-traveled, but Ammon Cunningham wants everyone to see it. That the Great Salt Lake is the largest and deepest inland lake west of the Mississippi River, at 72 miles long and 34 miles wide, is only part of its appeal. Some sections of the lake are as much as 50 feet deep, as well, which makes it great for boating.

However, the most amazing aspect of The Great Salt Lake is that, as big as it is, it was once far bigger. It is just a small remnant of Lake Bonneville, which was actually much larger and saltier. These days, the salt content is lower, but the Great Salt Lake is still salty enough to allow bathers who go to the beaches and recreation area on the south end of the park to float without sinking.

Ammon Cunningham Wants You to See the Great Salt Lake

February 27, 2017
He is a blogger and an avid traveler, which means Ammon Cunningham wants people to see his home state of Utah as the location of some of the most magnificent travel destinations in the world. One of the best just happens to be located outside Utah’s largest city and the state capital, Salt Lake City. Just a few minutes outside the city sits one of the greatest tourist attractions in the entire world, The Great Salt Lake.

As Ammon Cunningham blogs about it, the most amazing aspect of the Great Salt Lake is that, while it is currently the largest and deepest inland lake west of the Mississippi, it was once part of a much larger body of water. The current lake is little more than a remnant of the much larger Lake Bonneville. That is, until evaporation caused the water table to fall and leave behind the Great Salt Lake Desert, which is better known as the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Great Salt Lake is saltier than most other bodies of water, including the oceans, which means bathers can float without sinking. The Great Salt Lake also features a recreation area and numerous beaches on the south end.

The Incredible Zion National Park in Utah and the Blogging of Ammon Cunningham

November 15, 2016
There are many places to visit in the United States and if you ask Ammon Cunningham, he would recommend Utah as a destination of choice. Utah is an incredible place to visit and explore. It is full of many inspirational landscapes and memorable sites. One of Ammon Cunningham favorite’s to visit and explore is Zion National Park. Ammon Cunningham is a blogger and avid traveler that enjoys writing about travel destinations. His favorite state to visit is Utah. While he was last visiting there, he noted Zion National Park as a must see destination for anyone visiting in the area because of its unique beauty.

Zion National Park is the first national park in Utah. Over the years, it has not lost any of its luster, in fact it has only gotten more beautiful with time. The park consists of memorable cliffs made of sandstone spanning sunset colors in addition to a narrow slot canyon that creates beautiful imaging for all to view. Zion National Park also has unique plantlife, terrain, and critters. There are a multitude of ways to explore Zion National Park from backpacking to biking, canyoneering, climbing, hiking, horseback riding, and boating. No matter your favorite way to explore, Zion National Park offers a way to do them all. Follow the advice of Ammon Cunningham in order to plan your next adventure in Utah.

Ammon Cunningham on Monument Valley

August 12, 2016
To blogger and travel enthusiast Ammon Cunningham, Utah is home. However, he wants people to know that his state has some of the best travel destinations in the United States and the world. One of his favorite places to go is the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

The Navajo Indian Reservation is actually spread out over Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico and covers more than 27,000 square miles in all. However, one of its most popular features is Monument Valley, which is well-known and highly recognized because its scenery has been featured in a large number of films and commercials over the years. Almost everyone has seen John Wayne sitting on his horse in front of some of the many beautiful red mesas, buttes, and the surrounding desert.

One of the most popular travel destinations is called The Valley Drive. This is a 17-mile dirt road that winds through some of the most spectacular scenery in the park. The traveler drives through the road and sees many of the most incredible and famous sights and formations anywhere. There are numerous pull-out areas where people can park their cars and view or take pictures of the spectacular scenery.

It is possible to venture off this trail, but Ammon Cunningham wants you to know that it is in the heart of the desert, so a guide is required. That’s not a problem, as guide arrangements can be made at the Monument Valley Visitor Center, which is located near the entrance of the park, which also features some great vistas and photo opportunities.