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Ammon Cunningham Wants You to See the Great Salt Lake

February 27, 2017
He is a blogger and an avid traveler, which means Ammon Cunningham wants people to see his home state of Utah as the location of some of the most magnificent travel destinations in the world. One of the best just happens to be located outside Utah’s largest city and the state capital, Salt Lake City. Just a few minutes outside the city sits one of the greatest tourist attractions in the entire world, The Great Salt Lake.

As Ammon Cunningham blogs about it, the most amazing aspect of the Great Salt Lake is that, while it is currently the largest and deepest inland lake west of the Mississippi, it was once part of a much larger body of water. The current lake is little more than a remnant of the much larger Lake Bonneville. That is, until evaporation caused the water table to fall and leave behind the Great Salt Lake Desert, which is better known as the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Great Salt Lake is saltier than most other bodies of water, including the oceans, which means bathers can float without sinking. The Great Salt Lake also features a recreation area and numerous beaches on the south end.